Tips for Choosing the Right Home Inspector 

A home inspection can be done by sellers and buyers during the process of home selling. If you are a home buyer who wants to receive a loan for a house, most banks require that you avail the process of licensed and certified inspection done on the property you are interested in. However, if you are a seller who wants to identify any property issues that they want to solve before the listing and appraisal process, they may opt for pre-listing inspection from Chattanooga TN home inspections companies. 

 Here are the five areas you should observe when choosing the right home inspection service. 

  1. Qualifications 

The inspector should have some training in standard building maintenance and construction. It is so significant for your inspector to have a written record of hands-on home inspection experiences. A property is a combination of different systems and components that are related to each other and are supposed to work together. Even though most of these are hidden from view or cannot be directly seen, a house cannot be disassembled during an inspection. That’s why it is so important to hire an inspector with enough training and experience who doesn’t have to dismantle a house to know what’s in the deeper inside and how it is put together.  

Look for written proof of long years of training and experience instead of “Home Inspector” certifications obtained through quick study course. 

  1. Experience 

Considerable experience is the house inspector’s best ally. Find out how long the house inspecting business has been in operation and how many years of experience the person who will be doing the work has. Hence, it makes perfect sense to hire one who has been in business for several years because it often means it has a proven track record of quality work.  

  1. Sample Written Report 

Ask for the inspector for sample reports of his previous inspection experiences. Check if the information is presented and explained completely and appropriately. Also observe if the Inspection report encompasses the three basic areas which are the overview, maintenance items, and major repair items. The overview is the detailed description of the house on the inspection day including all the major components of the property and their condition. The maintenance items are the list of items in need of minimal maintenance and attention while the major repair items are the list of defective items that present a potentially huge expense to you.  

Also, take note if the sample report is just a series of checkboxes instead of clear notes and explanations. Home inspection companies make sure that they have the ability to present their clients with high-quality reports that also highlight all the possible problems that can lead to any safety hazard. 

  1. Affiliations and memberships 

A nationally recognized association provides their members with training, certification programs and updated information about inspection standards and industry practices.  

  1. References 

Ask the inspector for names and contact numbers of the people who availed his services. Call these people and ask them about their opinion and their level of satisfaction regarding the services and inspection report they received. You can also do some online research to look for reviews and experiences from homeowners who have used the inspectors’ services. 

You have the right and you should be there when the inspection takes place. This will help you see the potential issues that will later appear on the written inspection report. .